18 Years Ago: DEICIDE release In Torment in Hell

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18 Years Ago: DEICIDE release In Torment in Hell

A rushed obligation, DEICIDE released their sixth album on this day in 2001. Their last with Roadrunner.

...that record was a fuckin rush rush hurry up and get it out and get off Roadrunner.

They were shelving all the records. What's the point of fuckin putting all this effort and all this hard work into something that's gonna get thrown in the fuckin garbage can? We had reached our point with Roadrunner where we just stopped cooperating. Our last two records with them were just obligations, just throw 'em the fuck out. And to me, those records are repetitious and redundant and I just, you know - to me, it was either that or give them a country record or a fuckin gospel album.

I don't think Roadrunner ever cared. They only care about their pockets. They care about the newest thing on the fuckin menu. That's all they care about. They don't know how to keep their bands happy, so what they do is every band they grab ahold of, they wanna make happy. And they put everybody else on the backburner.

Glen Benton / Deicide interview, Mark Prindle, 2004

It was also a period of growing conflict between Benton and the Hoffman brothers.

I think that whole period was brought on by being burnt out, but not on music or the business, just burnt out on each other. I kind of always thought we were being kept down by our record company and stuff like that, but after we did "in torment" and were finished with our deal and moved on to a great deal with earache, we were still not up to 100%, by then it was obvious to me that it wasn't the record companies fault, it was us, we were sick of each other, well basically the Hoffmans and Glen were totally sick of and hated each other, and the quality of the bands work and the fans suffered for it.

Steve Asheim / Deicide interview, Metal Storm, 2006

We were either gonna break up or do a record. We decided to do a record, but it was obvious that it wasn't a cohesive record because we were clearly not a cohesive band.

Steve Asheim / Deicide interview, Voices from the Darkside

We were all disappointed with that album, I think we worked a lot harder on "Scars Of The Crucifix" and people will be able to tell once they hear it.

Brian Hoffmann / Deicide interview, Voices from the Darkside