18 Years Ago: ENTOMBED release Morning Star

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18 Years Ago: ENTOMBED release Morning Star

We had already written the tracks before going into the studio. We spent five days in the studio, then 2 in another studio to do the vocals, then moved to another studio for 2 days to finish off the vocals.
If the first take goes well we may do another 2 to see if it sounds better.

We went into the studio with around 20 great tracks and put 12 great tracks down - but if I have to choose one, well er, I can't. I like 'I for an Eye', 'Mental Twin', 'Bringer of Light' - but they are all great. I played the CD for the first in three weeks and I thought - this is good.

A lot of people think it's a concept album. To us it's different - it's what we observe around us. God and Satan are too obvious - it's what's in-between - the things that aren't obvious, like man being a poor human being.

L-G Petrov / Entombed interview, Metalliville, 2001
Entombed - I for an Eye (Official Video)

ENTOMBED released their seventh full-length album on this day in 2001.

I just think this is -- and I know we say this with each album --, but this is the best record. We have made some albums in the past that we could have done better and I think we made it up with this album. We got a lot of satisfaction out of making Morning Star. It isn't a long record, it's quite short, but it is intense. We wrote it, recorded it and moved on.
This album was a very short process for us. Usually we spend a lot of time on an album and we didn't want that. We didn't want to fuss over songs and try to get things right 100%. We just got the right vibe, made sure it was recorded properly and moved onto the next song. There was no need to go all out with this record, it was more about a feeling rather than perfection.

L-G Petrov / Entombed interview, Chronicles of Chaos, 2002