20 Years Ago: ABIGAIL record a BULLDOZER cover

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20 Years Ago: ABIGAIL record a BULLDOZER cover

ABIGAIL recorded a cover of BULLDOZER's classic "Ilona the Very Best" on this day in 2000 at Studio Penta.

Our sound has developed naturally. We started out as a normal black metal band, but then I changed our style towards a more trashier metal sound. I have been a trash metal fan since teenage years and maybe in 1994 or 1995 black metal became really trendy in the underground scene, so I decided to leave the black metal sound.

...particularly the Italian band Bulldozer has influenced us deeply.

Yasuyuki / Abigail interview, Jame World, 2007

The song - originally dedicated to Ilona Staller - was included on the The Bulldozer Armageddon Volume 2 split 7" with DECAYED, released by Warlord Records. Volume 1 was a split between SABBAT and IMPERIAL.