20 Years Ago: DARKMOON release 308 Antichrist 20 Years Ago: DARKMOON release 308 Antichrist

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20 Years Ago: DARKMOON release 308 Antichrist

DARKMOON unleashed their final record, .308 Antichrist, on this day in 2001 through Tribunal Records.

We will keep pushing for more and more extreme sounds, and more challenges for our own personal abilities. Always keeping things interesting on our behalf. We will keep pushing to the next level, and the next level doesn't necessarily mean just faster, or whatever, it means higher quality, more thought, more ability and better songwriting.

Scott Pletcher / Darkmoon interivew, UltimateMetal.com, 2001

DARKMOON was formed in 1997 by members of DEMONIC CHRIST and released two full-length albums. The second - Seas of Unrest - through Music for Nations. By the time .308 Antichrist was released, vocalist / guitarist Jon Vesano had joined NILE as vocalist and bassist.

The three remaining members - Devon Penrod (bass, vocals), Scott Pletcher (drums) and Chuck Brummond (guitar) - formed WEHRWOLFE in 2002 with Nathan Ellis (DAYLIGHT DIES) on vocals and released Godless We Stand in 2003.

I think that the ultimate level of progression is when you are able to accurately express your thoughts and emotions with the music that you are creating collectively. We strive to have the music sounding the way that we feel about it when we are hearing it our minds. It is important to progress as a band and as musicians to get to that point.

Chuck Brummond / Darkmoon interivew, UltimateMetal.com, 2001