20 Years Ago: DEATHSPELL OMEGA release Infernal Battles 20 Years Ago: DEATHSPELL OMEGA release Infernal Battles

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20 Years Ago: DEATHSPELL OMEGA release Infernal Battles

The inspiration comes from our ideology. People who say that "Satan" is a limited matter to talk about are only limited themselves. Satan is an endless source of inspiration as He covers all the dark aspects that exist. You can say that we're into it only for this : to praise Satan and Satanic values (which, again, is so vast a subject...) and to keep the Black Metal tradition alive. The metaphors used in the lyrics are always crude, no compromise.

We're the adversary of Life. Once you've tasted the real essence of Satanism, you can't quit anymore, as there is nothing after Satanism, it's the ultimate ideology. There is no room for evolution anymore : the Satanist is the only being that has the strength to face the Truth and the Honour to become one of the executioners of the fate of Life. Face it fucking weaklings : everything is doomed, you can resist for a while, but you will never win...

Deathspell Omega is a reference to our ideology. Just imagine the last moments of the universe, just before it will collapse. The final spell cast by Satan. Everything disappears in the ultimate void...

Deathspell Omega interview, 2000

DEATHSPELL OMEGA released their debut album, Infernal Battles, on this day in 2000 through Northern Heritage. Side A featured new material, Side B is the 1999 demo Disciples of the Ultimate Void.

DEATHSPELL OMEGA was formed in 1998 by three members of HIRILORN - Hasjarl, Shaxul (MANZER, Legion of Death Records), Yohann - and bassist Khaos.

Drummer Yohann left before recording Infernal Battles. Side A uses a drum machine. Shaxul remained vocalist for the second DsO album, Inquisitors of Satan, but left before the third album for the reasons quoted below. Mikko Aspa (CLANDESTINE BLAZE) has been vocalist since the third album, Si Monvmentvm Reqvires, Circvmspice.

The reasons of me leaving DSO are the following (I thought it was something well known now): they jumped on the "religious Black Metal" trend, which I shit on even more than you do on the "War Metal" trend. In 2002 they suddenly changed their mind totally. I could go on for ages with anecdotes about this, like them releasing CD versions without my agreement in UNLIMITED pressings (fucking money worshippers) and blurring my lyrics because they are ANTI-religious. People who still support this band and the whole "Religious/Orthodox BM" movement have shit in their ears and eyes for sure.

Shaxul interivew, HexenHammer

The only DEATHSPELL OMEGA recording to ever have featured a drum-machine were the four songs on side A of "Infernal Battles". Isn't that obvious?

Deathspell Omega interview, Bardo Methology, 2019