20 Years Ago: DECEASED release Supernatural Addiction 20 Years Ago: DECEASED release Supernatural Addiction

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20 Years Ago: DECEASED release Supernatural Addiction

Weird morbid ideas is all that runs through me when it comes to Deceased. I wanted to put it all out there and write songs about some "horror moments" in my life that got to me either from a book, movie, or elsewhere sometime in my life. The idea was to create a tales from the crypt-ish anthology of metal tracks with a narrator between songs. I pursued Percy Rodriquez (known for his '70s movie trailer voice overs. see Jaws for the voice) but he was very sick at the time so that idea sadly was dropped. We then just started taking my titles and writing from them.

We were getting better as players and writers and we could put more of that into our sound. We wanted a fine line between speed, heavy, and melody. I think it came together nicely on the record.

King Fowley / Deceased interview, The Metal Webzine, 2016

DECEASED released their fouth album, Supernatural Addiction, on this day in 2000 through Relapse.

They left us alone and let us do our thing. The label never knew how to "sell" us. We were too heavy for heavy metal and too light for death metal I think. We just wanted to be DECEASED and nothing more, but they never told us to sound a certain way.

King Fowley / Deceased interview, The Metal Webzine, 2016

Supernatural Addiction was recorded in September 1999 at Oblivion Studios with Simon Efemey (CANCER, NAPALM DEATH, PARADISE LOST).

Simon was great. Fun guy and we got along instantly. Funny recording process. We actually lost 4 days of recording to a power outage and had to sit around and be ready for power to return. He had flown over from England and time was important so we hauled ass once we got power back. If i had to say something was hardest to nail I'd mention a vocal part Simon made me do it at least 30 times and it was on the song "Doll with the Hideous Spirit". He made me do a line over and over. I think he was playing me, but I did it. It sounded exactly the same at the end as the start, but he kept saying "again" and erasing the part. Haha, a joker he is! We were all ready to go into pre-production before studio time so it was all ready to roll when time came.

King Fowley / Deceased interview, The Metal Webzine, 2016

"The Premonition" is based on the episode called "22" from The Twilight Zone.

"Dark Chilling Heartbeat" is based on Edgar Allan Poe's "Tell Tale Heart".

"A Very Familiar Stranger" is based on the classic hitchhiker tale.

"Frozen Screams" is based on a story from the anthology film Asylum called "Frozen Fear".

"The Doll with the Hideous Spirit" is based on the last story "Amelia" in Trilogy of Terror anthology.

"The Hanging Soldier" is based on An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge.

"Chambers of the Waiting Blind" is based on the story "Blind Alleys" from the anthology film Tales from the Crypt.

"Elly's Dementia" is based on the film The Blair Witch Project.