20 Years Ago: EMPEROR release Reverence

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20 Years Ago: EMPEROR release Reverence

The first new material since the storms of 1993/1994 and the well received debut In the Nightside Eclipse, EMPEROR released Reverence during this month in 1997.

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A three song mini CD featuring "The Loss and Curse of Reverence" (acting as a single / preview for Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk which was released four months later, a video of this song was also included), "In Longing Spirit" (written in 1992), and a symphonic/orchestral arrangement of "Inno a Satana" titled "Opus a Satana":

...Thou Shalt Suffer (at least the first album) will be based only on classical instruments. "Opus A Satana" was kind of a tryout for that kind of arrangement. It was the first arrangement that I did with just classical instruments. Of course, I hope I'm more experienced now at how to put things together, as Thou Shalt Suffer will also contain choir arrangements, and I'm not stuck to the usual structure of metal songs...
- Ihsahn / Emperor interview, Chronicles of Chaos, 1997