20 Years Ago: HORNA release Sudentaival

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20 Years Ago: HORNA release Sudentaival

For the year 2001 we have scheduled several already recorded EPs and there's a couple of releases under plans. Also, we are currently working on our fourth creation "Sudentaival" (meaning "path of the wolf"). In musical sense the only notable change is the lyrical content in which I've shed my heart and blood much more than before and definately in a much poetic way. Of the old I've kept that grim, sinister quintessence so natural for HORNA since the beginning, and much new I've written of sources dear to me. No specific comments here. The music itself has remained quite far within the same black matter and energy though today we pay most attention to the songs as a whole and certainly keeping in mind how it should sound live. A taste of becoming can be heard under the title "Ordo Regnum Sathanas" on this release, material that will partly become what will be "Sudentaival".

Shatraug, Official Horna Statement, 2000

HORNA released their third album, Sudentaival, on this day in 2001 through Woodcut Records.

Sudentaival was recorded at Astia Studio in Lappeenranta, southern Finland.

I personally hate the sound we made on Sudentaival, it is too compact, too much alive... too technical... Our music will "die" in sound again. We have now our own studio and everything will be recorded there to guarantee a necro production. I hate polished sound and production and in my eyes (ears) it has never fit HORNA at all...

Horna interview, Headbanger Zine