20 Years Ago: MARTYR release Warp Zone

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20 Years Ago: MARTYR release Warp Zone

...they are nearly concept albums, especially Warp Zone because the album plays on continuously from beginning to end, there's no real pause.

Daniel Mongrain / Martyr interview, Metal Storm, 2008

Québec progressive death metal, MARTYR released their second album Warp Zone on this day in 2000.

Performance, speed, shredding. Too fast, too much. Intense, more dissonance, more harmonic research. Better phrasing, maturity against performance. Too much money for how it sounds but very proud of it. Especially Endless Vortex Towards Erasing Destiny and Realms of Reverie which is a song made with the main riffs of every other song on the album but rearranged, reharmonised etcvery proud of that one. We still play a lot of those songs live.

Daniel Mongrain / Martyr interview, Ultimate Guitar, 2009

Main riffs, melodies, etc are written individually. When we rehearse, we make a lot of arrangement, we find more ideas. The composer of a song has ideas for the other instruments, but everybody bring their ideas.

Francois Mongrain / Martyr interview, Heidenlarm #3