20 Years Ago: PENTAGRAM (Chile) record their first demo 20 Years Ago: PENTAGRAM (Chile) record their first demo

Daily Noise - / 2017

20 Years Ago: PENTAGRAM (Chile) record their first demo

Early PENTAGRAM demos are killer, and the first was recorded during this month in 1987 at Nacofon studios.

I don't remember how much it cost us, but it was a really cheap recording. The drummer had worked at that studio (Nacofon) before so he took us there. When we finished we were really happy with the sound, but looking back to it now it's pretty obvious that we were a bit overexcited.
We never really sold the first demo, because, naive as we were, we wanted to use it to get a record deal. But it started spreading throughout the international underground, and started getting us loads of interest from people all over the world. I was heavily into tape trading at that time, and it amazes me now how far those recordings got known.

Anton Reisenegger / Pentagram interview, Voices from the Darkside

Some of you will have ordered the self-titled compilation CD from us in the distant past, released by Picoroco Records sometime around 2000. Since then their notoriety has only grown, they've played across Europe and released their debut album The Malefice in 2013.