20 Years Ago: SHINING release Submit to Selfdestruction 20 Years Ago: SHINING release Submit to Selfdestruction

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20 Years Ago: SHINING release Submit to Selfdestruction

From the old official website biography:

Suicide, self-destruction and the abuse of the human flesh & mind, these three topics are the main issues dealt with in Shining's music. The band has since its very beginning (1996) been cursed and the individuals within suffered from enormous problems because of the fact that the band still lives on. Actually this might be the explanation for so why many people being kicked out of the band one by one until the year of 2000, and still the band stood in obscurity. During the earlier period of the band, Kvarforth gathered a temporary line-up and released the 7" vinyl "Submit To Selfdestruction" in 1998 through his own label, Selbsmord Sevices.

SHINING released their debut, the Submit to Selfdestruction 7", on this day in 1998. 300 copies on Kvarforth's Selbstmord Services. The label went on to release albums by CRAFT and ONSDKAPT among others, before closing in 2004.

"Submit To Self-destruction" along with "Endless Solitude" were the first tracks I wrote. "Endless Solitude" was however re-recorded under a different moniker for Shining I and I just felt that I had to do the same with "Submit To Self-destruction". Though, I added quite a few blues-passages as well on this re-recording, something which made the track a thousand times better actually, or well, at least in my opinion. I don't listen to much Black Metal at all really, the only bands who have managed to remain with their albums in my collection are Arcturus, Bethlehem, Burzum, Carpathain Forest, old Darkthrone, Kvist, Ved Buens Ende, and at a latter stage Craft, Ondskapt, Funeral Dirge, Silencer, Krohm, Bloodline and Leviathan. Mostly I listen to stuff like Coldplay, Kent, Raison D'etre and different soundtracks.
- Niklas Kvarforth / Shining interview, Imhotep