20 Years Ago: VOMITOR record Roar of War

Daily Noise - / 2019

20 Years Ago: VOMITOR record Roar of War

I think it was only 45 minutes to record hahaha, it was recorded live in our rehearsal room, everything was miked up, the guy pressed record on his machines and we went for it, we rehearse hard to play easy, all of our Albums are done in the same way, only we do vocals and Guitar solos after, that's the only difference, and a studio of course haha, some people are surprised we sound the same live as on the records, this is why.

Death Dealer / Vomitor interview, Psychopathological, 2011

VOMITOR recorded the Roar of War demo "in 1 hour for $15 Bux, Live in studio with NO Overdubs" on this day in 1999.

NO Digital equipment has Fucked up this Demo.

Roar of War was the first VOMITOR demo, recorded just one month after their first rehearsal tape.

It was recorded in a rehearsal space where most of the Brisbane bands were jamming, I think even PORTAL were rehearsing there at that stage. SPEAR used to practice there as well, it was cheap enough and pretty good. The guy running the place offered his services for fifteen bucks; he'd wheel in this stereo, it wasn't like a regular tape player but had a couple of channels you could plug in, like a tape-deck with a few thingies on it. I think we only used two mics - a vocal mic and a little wall-room mic. We set it up where the drums sounded alright. It took us about two hours or something to get it right, but the actual recording of the demo ... straight through in forty-five minutes. I think the sound is pretty good.

Death Dealer / Vomitor interview, Bardo Methodology, 2017