21 Years Ago: LIMBONIC ART release Moon in the Scorpio on Nocturnal Art

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21 Years Ago: LIMBONIC ART release Moon in the Scorpio on Nocturnal Art

The figure on the front cover is a sorcerer, an imagined image or spectrum.
The being may illustrate the surrendering to death and the beyond. Moon stands for intuition and the Scorpio is a symbol of death.
More that you listen and more that you see is helping you to become wiser in every subject, that goes for LIMBONIC ART material too. There is a connection and it is the one you see when you study the art. Then the art speaks for itself, and then you may start to understand what the artist have tried to express. And since there are lyrics that follows the piece of art, it should be complete. LIMBONIC ART goes for quality and when we deliver a product there is always one whole unity. There are links everywhere to what we deal with and that is the way it should be.
- Daemon / Limbonic Art interview, Imhotep #4, 1998

During this month in 1996 LIMBONIC ART released their debut album, Moon in the Scorpio, on Nocturnal Art Productions - the label formed by Samoth (EMPEROR).

Samoth is the mind behind that title 'Wagnerian Black metal', and it is for sure a suitable label for our first album in our opinion as well. However, we don't see this as an 'enslavement' to follow, as we are under further development. Black metal or not, destructive it is! We may use the same kind of musical structure in our music as one can find in classic symphonic music. But we do not work entirely after just one pattern, so it is hard to say how we are influenced. We go by instincts when we create music and we use instruments that may can define an emotion more in the sound-picture.
- Daemon / Limbonic Art interview, Imhotep #4, 1998

Nocturnal Art Productions ans. is a relatively underground-based,
but up-and-going & efficient label, based in Norway.
Founded: 1994 C.E.

We are dedicated to the art of extreme music.
We are ruled by the strong hand of Metal,
but are also open to other musical expressions.

Our main aim is to bring forth strong musical acts
with individual creativity and talent.