21 Years Ago: SVARTSYN release Tormentor

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21 Years Ago: SVARTSYN release Tormentor

After returning from touring with LUROR, DESASTER and BEHEMOTH, SVARTSYN - now a duo following the depature of guitarist Surth - recorded the Tormentor EP in July of 1997. The follow-up to their debut album, The True Legend, was released on this day in 1998.

Svartsyn - Throne of the Antichrist

The Tormentor 7" was released through the short-lived Canadian label Black Militia whose other major contribution was the vinyl edition of OSCULUM INFAME's supreme Dor-nu-Fauglith.

Tormentor's release was significantly delayed following the death of Black Militia's owner in 1997.

...he hung himself in his apartment. As a result, "Tormentor" suffered the usual hellish delays. I was quite surprised the following year when I suddenly received a package containing the seven-inches. If I recall correctly, it was his mother trying to get rid of the label's releases.

Ornias / Svartsyn interview, Bardo Methodology, 2017