22 Years Ago: ABIGOR release Supreme Immortal Art

Daily Noise - / 2020

22 Years Ago: ABIGOR release Supreme Immortal Art

...the album is very technical and complex. It's for sure the most matured release so far, even I am not that satisfied with the production, anyway, I think we've managed to create a kind of restless harmony between the keyboards and the guitars, without any loss of the aggressive guitar sound.

P.K. / Abigor interview, Mourning the Ancient, 1997

ABIGOR released their fouth album, Supreme Immortal Art, on this day in 1998.

In 2013 ABIGOR released Supreme and Immortal Is the Art of the Devil, an EP featuring two songs from Supreme Immortal Art with keyboards removed. The music is sourced from the original recordings with additional guitar and newly recorded vocals.

Back in 1997 ABIGOR recorded 'Supreme Immortal Art'. Ever changing shape, as each release requires a different aesthetic form, the album was planned to turn out as 'majestic' as possible, contrasting the eerie 'Opus IV' and the thoroughly traditional 'Apokalypse'. But sadly the powerful basic material was buried under a thick layer of synthetic orchestration and a devastating mix and master, while Silenius' invocations were loaded with redundant effects. Now this 7" presents the work as it was intended originally, and is based on the 1997 guitar and drum recordings. Silenius layed down new vocals that exceed the performance of old by far, musical arrangements and lyrics were reworked and sharpened. SOIL OF SOULS on side A, SUPREME AND IMMORTAL (IS THE ART OF THE DEVIL) on side B summarize ABIGOR's traditional 90s recordings and the uncompromising standard of their present work.

A further release of the Supreme Immortal Art session was released digitally in 2015 featuring instrumental, unmixed (and pre-keyboard) versions of the complete album.