22 Years Ago: DARKTHRONE release Total Death

Daily Noise - / 2018

22 Years Ago: DARKTHRONE release Total Death

Darkthrone plays unholy black metal exclusively. The envy of loosers we piss on.

We really didn't do a lot of interviews from 93 and onwards. We sort of came out nowhere with Total Death album, because we've been just keeping low profile.
- Fenriz / Darkthrone interview, Fire Goat, 2001

DARKTHRONE released their sixth album on this day in 1996 through Moonfog.

I had a different mix I liked for total death but we went for another. I’d like my mix of it to be there in the future, but it’s lost.
- Fenriz / Darkthrone interview, Livereviewer, 2013

Lyrical contributions on Total Death came from Ihsahn (EMPEROR), Carl-Michael Eide (AURA NOIR, VIRUS), Satyr (SATYRICON), Garm (ULVER, ARCTURUS). Artwork created by Union of Lost Souls, who designed several Moonfog releases around this time, including Nemesis Divina and Thorns vs. Emperor.

I was in charge of album covers until TOTAL DEATH album in 1996, then I lost interest in the visual thing. Unfortunately that meant that PHOTOSHOP technique snuck into the covers of darkthrone, and I didn’t care much until I took a bit charge of album covers again in 1997, with F.O.A.D. album...
- Fenriz / Darkthrone interview, Nocturnal Cult, 2012