22 Years Ago: DAWN release Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)

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22 Years Ago: DAWN release Slaughtersun (Crown of the Triarchy)

...I had material for 13 songs for the Slaughtersun album but we choosed the best and recorded 9 of them and then picked out 7 songs for the album because the length of the CD so there are two songs more that we have recorded but I don't know whats happening with them, maybe we can release them as bonus or something in the future. On the album there are a couple of trax that are really original I mean arrangements riffs and melodies. I think I have developed an own style and type of riffing that none have ever done before and I always try to get as epic feeling as possible to every thing I do.

Fredrik Söderberg / Dawn interview, Metal Vision, 1999

DAWN released their second album on this day in 1998 through Necropolis.

When I listen to the new Dawn album, I don't feel the songs are very long if you look at the counter. The songs are ten or twelve minutes but feel like five minutes. We don't try to achieve making long songs, they turn out that way.

Henke Forss / Dawn interview, Terrorizer #54

I started to write new material at the end of 1999 with Tomas Asklund (Dark Funeral). We had an almost full album ready in 2002 and a deal with War Music Records (Wrong Again). Then they went bankrupt as many labels did back then.
Then we signed a new deal with MNW Records in Stockholm in 2003 and a year later they also went bankrupt. Then Tomas started to work with Dissection and made the album Reinkaos followed by long tours etc. I took a break from music 2004-2005. I returned and listened to tapes we had done and kept some of it in 2005 and started to seriously play and practice in a more obsessed way, which ended up in five new very different songs for the Fourfold album. Tomas started to build his own studio (Studio Monolith) 2006. He made a lot of sessions and ended up being a recording member drummer in Gorgoroth until june 2014. The years have passed by with lots of other stuff but I have always continued to play and kept the contact with Tomas and Henke. Now we have started working and be active again with the Century Media re-issue project as a start.
We are working on a new album at Studio Monolith. We have maintained some elements but this album is darker, melodic and epic. I have changed the guitar playing alot with more tremolo strumming picking riffs and lots of classic guitar music influences, a vision i always wanted. The drums are faster and sometimes more intense than Slaughtersun. Song structures are far better but I still wanted to keep that hypnotic feel from the past. Some of the songs are over seven minutes. There are more keyboards and orchestration on this album but still just to give the riffs and songs an overall better feel to them. I have also mixed in a lot of acoustic guitars. I have just looked forward and we have tried to take our music to the next level.

Fredrik Söderberg / Dawn interview, Examiner, 2015