22 Years Ago: DODHEIMSGARD release Monumental Possession

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22 Years Ago: DODHEIMSGARD release Monumental Possession

DØDHEIMSGARD released their second killer album on this day in 1996.

Monumental Possession lineup: Aldrahn (Vocals / THORNS, ZYKLON-B), Vicotnik (Drums), Apollyon (Guitars / AURA NOIR), Alver (Bass / EMPEROR).

I think we had the right people in the right time, like Apollyon and Fenriz for their influence they had on the albums Monumental Possession and Kronet Til Konge. So, when I feel creative I need to see first who I still have on board, because it takes much time from one release to another.
- Vicotnik / Dødheimsgard interview, Metal Paths, 2011

Released by German label Malicious Records, the press sheet sent out to reviewers gave the release date as January 1997, so 5 June of 1996 may be wrong, but since magazines work weeks or months in advance January could have been given to ensure it was included in a future issue.

Malicious flyers advertised it as the release to follow GORGOROTH's Antichrist.
Also 'coming next' was AURA NOIR's debut Black Thrash Attack. Apollyon plays guitars on this album and songs like "The Crystal Specter" definitely featured some AURA NOIR-flavoured riffs!
Also 'In Production' was DØDHEIMSGARD's EP Satanic Art, which would eventually be released by Moonfog in 1998.

From the Malicious Records press sheet:

This album offers 9 tracks of intense, tormenting and destructive Black Metal...
On the other hand it is also varied, a huge development to their first album...
With three different vocalists this is and will remain as a monument in Norwegian Black Metal history.

Dødheimsgard plays SATANIC Black Metal exclusively. Extremely destructive and cold void !

The press sheet also mentions that the debut Kronet til konge sold over 7000 copies!