22 Years Ago: KATATONIA release Saw You Drown

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22 Years Ago: KATATONIA release Saw You Drown

Only a few weeks after the release of Sounds of Decay in late 1997 a quite different KATATONIA emerged on this day in 1998 with the release of Saw You Drown. The limited EP served as an introduction to the style KATATONIA shifted to on their third album, Discouraged Ones.

First of all, it's a limited edition, but we did want to try releasing something before the album, just to get people to get a picture of what we were going to do on the album -- but we didn't have any hopes that it would be a big seller, so we wanted it as a limited edition, and it's always cool to have an unreleased track on it, you know? It's the "Quiet World" track.

Jonas Renkse / Katatonia interview, Chronicles of Chaos, 2001

The first two songs taken from that album, "Quiet World" was recorded during the Sounds of Decay session and "Scarlet Heavens" was originally released on the 1996 split 10" with PRIMORDIAL.