22 Years Ago: SETHERIAL release Nord...

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22 Years Ago: SETHERIAL release Nord...

I am still very proud of our first album, we managed to make a great debut album during a period where bands after bands were releasing total crap, and I feel satisfied knowing that, especially considering our lack of experience and such things at that time.
- Kraath / Setherial interview, Chronicles of Chaos, 2000

SETHERIAL released Nord... on this day in 1996 through Napalm Records. The album was recorded with Peter Tägtgren at Abyss Studios in September 1995.

" As many people don't know, the word "Setherial" means no less than "Total darkness and death" and that is basically what we stand for within our music and faith. This album is eternally dedicated to the coming dark age and war against christianity. We will never give up until those of the light is just closed and forgotten chapter in time.
And to all so called humans that are spreading false rumours, making pathetic flyers and bullshit about us. - "Please, end your meaningless lives. You are truly beneath us!" ...And remember, if anyone is against us, they truly fight for the light, so think!
To end this I want to hail all our brothers within the black metal scene, keep the flame burning! "
- Lord Mysteriis

I respect the fact that many people have a special bond to the Nord album, and I'm still proud of what we achieved when we recorded it back in 1995. I might not always agree that it should be regarded as our best album ever, but it's up to each and every listener to judge for themselves. The recording of Nord was a special time in many ways, because working in a professional studio was rather new to us at the time, so there were many lessons learned during those nine days. And I remember spending quite a lot of time in solitude during the recording, just working on the lyrics and preparing for the vocals.
Peter is a good guy and was pretty easy to work with as far as I remember.
- Kraath / Setherial interview, The Lodge, 2012