22 Years Ago: WARLOGHE record Unlighted 22 Years Ago: WARLOGHE record Unlighted

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22 Years Ago: WARLOGHE record Unlighted

It has been planned that Warloghe's next release might be a 7"ep. The day of unleashment has been scheduled somewhere in the autumn. The new songs are much more complex and mightier than the songs on the debut release, but of course they too have that black primitivity of Warloghe.
Incoming is the black death for the children of light, a triumph to the glory of darkness. Warloghe is the spell that will destroy the false God and all who stand in his so-called light...

Warloghe feature, Ichor, 1997

Cult Finnish black metal. WARLOGHE recorded their first EP at Astia Studio on this day in 1997. Unlighted was released on limited 7" EP by Demonion Productions. "All music composed by Glaurung between winter 1996 and the autumn of 1997".

Unlighted followed their debut demo, The Black Tower, recorded in December 96. The first WARLOGHE album, The First Possession, was released by Drakkar in 1999.

The things that interest me in the occult are the same that drew me to Black Metal to begin with, mysticism, forbidden knowledge, dark images. What most people don't understand is that you have to gather certain bits of knowledge from varied sources scattered around a large area, and these bits usually aren't what you were looking for, but you must make them yours. It is as simple as turning the day into the night, going down instead of up. Replacing life with Death and seeing Lucifer instead of God.
Black Metal should be about Satan, but only writing lyrics in his honour and singing his name out loud won't be much good, and is shallow in the end, besides disdain it won't accomplish anything. What we need to do is praise Satan, AND build a foundation for his Sinister Image with occult work, this we can not achieve without knowledge and wisdom. We can either blindly stumble in darkness grasping for the right words, or stand confident above the masses of flesh and praise Death and Satan properly.

Glaurung / Warloghe interview, Grievantee, 2005