23 Years Ago: ARCKANUM completes the Trulen demo 23 Years Ago: ARCKANUM completes the Trulen demo

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23 Years Ago: ARCKANUM completes the Trulen demo

Recorded over a month on a Fostex 4-track, ARCKANUM completed the cult Trulen demo on this day in 1994.

The 15 song tape was originally limited to 111 hand-numbered copies, several hundred were released later.

The well known "Gava fran trulen" video takes audio from this demo. The song was re-recorded for the Fran marder album the following February.

I love everything within the forest landscapes, caves, marshes, swamps, etc. What I find so powerful with the forest is the chaos that is pulsing through its veins, the sides and worlds that are so well hidden that they might take five human lives to find. To see the darkness as the key to a new dimension and as a burning candle through paths that are gone in daylight. I think the spirit world in forests is very important to remember, and not to destroy the beauty of their kind. Societies are ruled by money, and cash rules the stupid so-called humans that destroy the forest landscapes just to get power and money. The damn fools are reaching for the wrong power. Money ain't shit, and the same goes for humans. If I am going to rule, I'll kill, rape and burn the human bodies to a crisp and fuckin' piss on their ashes.
- Shamaatae / Arckanum interview, Chronicles of Chaos, 1997