23 Years Ago: BESTIAL WARLUST record a demo (pre Blood & Valour) 23 Years Ago: BESTIAL WARLUST record a demo (pre Blood & Valour)

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23 Years Ago: BESTIAL WARLUST record a demo (pre Blood & Valour)

Our music is created by power from ourselves (thought to music). We are strong and powerful-minded people. After all, isn't that what this music about? By the direction of most lame bands around these days, not a lot of music is done by this.
- Bestial Warlust interview, Descent #1, 1994

Recorded and mixed on this day in 1995 at Studio 001, Carlton, Melbourne.

BESTIAL WARLUST recorded this demo after the debut album Vengeance War 'till Death and a few month before they recorded Blood & Valour, their last album, at the same studio in August 1995.

...we have just about signed the dotted line with Modern Invasion Music here in Australia for a 2 or 3 LP/CD deal. To add a bit more to our history, we've just decided to change our name after months of dispute. Our new name is Bestial Warlust. The reason is C. Molestation is very misleading to what the band is about. We are not into fucking corpses or anything like that. So we changed to the new name for this reason. Now it's more to our beliefs.
- Bestial Warlust interview, Descent #1, 1994

The 1995 demo was released by Modern Invasion, BESTIAL WARLUST's label for all their major releases.

We've got a lot of new material ready now, we've got a lot of stuff down for the next one. We'll release a new CD by mid this year. It is going to be a little different. Some of the songs are a bit shorter and fairly straight forward but a lot of them much more intense than this album's tracks but some of them will incorporate a few more riffs you can get into and a bit more stuff. We've got a lot of good ideas for the next one but to us, and I know every band says that the next one will be better, that's what everyone says, you can take their word when you hear it. You can tell from that "Rites of Satan" track that we were still finding our sound, you've just got to work hard. Hopefully we'll go to Europe soon and tour there. I'd like to tour with friends I'm in contact with for a few years over there because then you feel really comfortable. But we'd like to play with Cradle of Filth, they should have a good show. My ultimate would be if we played with Beherit, like years ago when they played, they stopped playing after that first album. I've always been an admirer of Beherit especially the "Oath of Black Blood", "Drawing Down the Moon" days.
- Damon Bloodstorm / Bestial Warlust interview, In Your Face #12, early 1995

Bestial Warlust interview, Pedal to the Metal