23 Years Ago: EMPEROR release In the Nightside Eclipse 23 Years Ago: EMPEROR release In the Nightside Eclipse

Daily Noise - / 2017

23 Years Ago: EMPEROR release In the Nightside Eclipse

...we have recorded a full lenght album, it's entitled "In the nightside eclipse" and are to be released as soon as the final mix and artwork is ready...it will be a monument in the Black Metal history.

Released during the height of public hysteria surrounding the events and arrests in 1993...

We haven't played together since we recorded our full-lenght album in july and the reason for this is all that shit with the police, anyway me and Ihsahn have been working on some new songs, but this autumn has really been a dead period for us.

...and shortly before Vikernes' trial, EMPEROR unleashed their iconic debut album on this day in 1994.

After Grishnackh killed Euronymous the police started a big Satanist/Black Metal hunt and a lot of people got arrested, there are about 15 people arrested and all are charged with "Satanic crimes" like arson, murder, burglery, ritual-rape, grave/church desecrations, robberys, violence...I myselve are charged with arson (church-fire), burglery and possession of explosives, our bass-player Tchort are charged with grave desecrations, burglerys/robberys and brutal violence and Faust is charged with arson (church-fire) and murder (he brutally stabbed a homosexual to death...Hail misanthropy!), so yes there are problems, but all this will only make us stronger, we will praise our dark art eternally!
- Samoth / Emperor interview, Pure Fucking Hell #2, 1994 (Interview from November 1993)