23 Years Ago: ENSLAVED release Frost

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23 Years Ago: ENSLAVED release Frost

Yep, that's right. I also sometimes add plain pieces of poetry (ex. "Isøders Dronning"/"The Queen of the Vast Icelands" which will be on our next album "Frost"). This is more mood based stuff springing from my dark and sometimes melancholic moments. But the Viking concept is something that comes natural to us. We don't give a shit about all this pretending that some bands deal with.
- Ivar Bjørnson / Enslaved interview, Slayer Zine #10, 1994

Released on this day in 1994, the classic second full-length album by ENSLAVED!

All our lyrics, and has always been written out of basic "Viking concept". Mainly they have sprung out of old Norse mythos, and then we develop them further with our own thoughts and points of view.
- Grutle Kjellson / Enslaved interview, Slayer Zine #10, 1994

Frost was followed by Eld in March 1997 and numerous albums since; including Isa in 2004:

It is a stabilizing album conceptually speaking. Every album since Frost has dealt with change, tearing down structures and fire dynamics. ISA deals with halting, freezing and preserving, and it was a very important counterpart to the albums between ISA and Frost. Conceptually, it can be seen as a later parallel to Frost.
- Ivar Bjørnson / Enslaved interview, Teeth of the Divine, 2005