24 Years Ago: DARKTHRONE release Under a Funeral Moon

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24 Years Ago: DARKTHRONE release Under a Funeral Moon

Recorded in June the previous year, Peaceville released the iconic Under a Funeral Moon on this day in 1993.

We didn't care really much for the albums at the time, we all agreed that the rehearsals we did was the most important thing. We actually rehearsed a lot... I could sing on the rehearsals... which lifted the whole experience of rehearsing to new heights... All I can remember is really the best black metal magic ever...
- Nocturnal Culto / Darkthrone interview

Summer of the Diabolical Holocaust (Rehearsal 1992)

As with A Blaze in the Northern Sky in August 1991, DARKTHRONE recorded at Creative Studios.
There is scarce information about Creative, the only minor trivia I can offer is they had two Studer A-80 tape recorders.

Can't be sure they were used for any of DARKTHRONE's recordings, but it's possible.

Under a Funeral Moon (Video Interview)

Creative was based in DARKTHRONE's home-town Kolbotn, Oppegård. In addition to the two DARKTHRONE albums, MAYHEM's Deathcrush (1987) and BEYOND DAWN's Longing For Scarlet Days (1993) were both recorded at the studio.

Flowers of doom, Rising in bloom
You will see, Our immortality!