24 Years Ago: DEMILICH release Nespithe

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24 Years Ago: DEMILICH release Nespithe

It's actually from role-playing games, even if none of us plays them. A looooog time ago we just decided to search for a name that nobody had, from some friends' rpg books, and I think we found the right one. Nonetheless, these deminames have got to popular...

DEMILICH released their one and only album, a (the?) Finnish death metal classic, on this day in 1993.

Believe me or not (you'd better believe), I DON'T USE ANY EFFECTS WITH MY VOCALS!!!! In our first demo I made the mistake and used effects in some place (only one time on side A, for example), so everybody thought I've done the vocals sound lower. But I haven't. I hate those not-real-but-brutal grunts that many bands do by using harmonizer or pitch shifter...I prefer real ones!!! That's why I do them, though occasionally I use effects like delay and reverb. But, never something that would make the vocals lower!!!

Released by Necropolis.

They offered us a deal with HONESTY, which seems to be forgotten by many bigger labels. Paul (NR) is also a big fan of our band and does everything to help us, so what could we expect more??? I'd rather be on Necropolis than Earache! Smaller labels can provide bands with more notice and don't think they are something higher than the band. Necropolis has been everything to us, and I hope it will always be. If we ever record another album, it will be made for them!
- Antti Boman / Demilich interview, Chamber of Sorrow #4, 1993