24 Years Ago: DISMEMBER release Massive Killing Capacity

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24 Years Ago: DISMEMBER release Massive Killing Capacity

I think there has been a lot more involvement and input from all the members of the band this time around. Not that it wasn't like that before, but while making this album the guys in the band did a lot more writing. I also think we have brought in influences from the 'old school of metal.'

We wanted to show people that we kept our sound and that we went another step further. We tried to do a wide album, to show people that we can do different types of songs and still sound like Dismember. We also wanted a better sound. This is an intense wide album.

Fred Estby / Dismember interview, Chronicles of Chaos, 1995
Dismember - Casket Garden (Official Video)

DISMEMBER released their third album on this day in 1995.

The title ["Nemia"] is, Robert the guitarist told me he found a strange book and the title is a poem of death, a death poem, and I think that the song itself is written by the guitarists, because they wanted to [collaborate] and do some melodic stuff, and we didn't find any way to put vocals on it. It sounded very instrumental, all the riffing, and we didn't want to just throw away a really good thing, so we said hey, why don't we do an instrumental track. And I don't know, it's kind of a very mellow song.
...We spent some time arranging that song. I think it came out really well, and I think it's good to have done it, because I think a lot of songs on the album have not an experiment but more to prove what we are capable of. Some of the tracks are perhaps not sounding much as Dismember did before, but also we have the basic things in the songs, and we developed it as far as we thought we could do it without breaking any frames.
...I think we're a little bit mad at ourselves that we didn't develop it already on the album before this one. We were cowards back in '92, because we thought that nah, this isn't going to sound like Dismember.

Fred Estby / Dismember interview, Word of Mouth #3, 1995
Dismember - Nemia