24 Years Ago: EXIT-13 complete Ethos Musick

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24 Years Ago: EXIT-13 complete Ethos Musick

EXIT-13 finalised and mastered their second album, Ethos Musick, on this day in 1994.

We never practiced or recorded a single note of music sober. Ever! Beer was always a part of rehearsals and live shows. When it came to recording, we probably spent more on the grog than on the studio time, up to the Ethos Musick sessions.
- Bill Yurkiewicz / Exit-13 interview, Decibel, 2014

After recording at LeGit Sound Studios, PA and Smash Studios, NY in late 1992-early 1993, EXIT-13 completed the mastering and "cut-ups" (samples sourced from films like The Freshman and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, the Phil Donahue show, and a speech by DEAD KENNEDYS' Jello Biafra) at KAO Infosystems, PA.

Ethos Musick was released in October 1994 by Relapse Records, the label co-founded by vocalist Bill Yurkiewicz four years earlier.

After I was doing Relapse for a while, say around Fall 1992, it bagan to really take a back seat to my involvement in the label. We palyed our last live show during June 1993 - the Nuclear Festival with MACABRE, ST. VITUS, DECEASED, ANAL CUNT, BRUTAL TRUTH, CANDIRU, DEAD WORLD. After that point the band nearly ceased to exist. The smoking songs sessions came and we did some grind for Craig at Visceral Prod. and for a split EP with MULTIPLEX, but all the music for Didactic Grind (about 65 minutes) has only been roughly demoed. No plans exist for the recording. I've been much more into doing NAMANAX and working for all the bands on Relapse and Release. EXIT-13 is now ONLY a studio project. The band may end and I will continue making grindcore as NEVER HEALED.
- Bill Yurkiewicz / Exit-13 interview, Koffin, 1999