24 Years Ago: GEASA record Starside 24 Years Ago: GEASA record Starside

Daily Noise - / 2020

24 Years Ago: GEASA record Starside

...it was very Black Metal, in the sense of the genre at the time.We were all listening to a lot of bands like Darkthrone and Burzum etc. so the demo sounded pretty Scandinavian if you know what I mean, this was great at the time and good for us that that style was popular so it led to our first record deal.We’ve since changed style in many ways but I still think some of the songs have stood the test of time.

Draighean / Geasa interview, Deathrash

Irish celtic black metal, GEASA finished recording their debut demo - Starside - on this day in 1996 at Sonic Studios. First released on cassette by the band, Starside was remastered in 2003 and formed the second half of their second album Fate's Lost Son.

We had a few songs and we wanted to try out a new studio we heard about so we went to record them. The result was way above our expectations so we started to look for someone to release it. We thought then that as we didn’t press too many of our Starside demo that we should maybe master that again and add it on. That’s how it came about.

Draighean / Geasa interview, Deathrash