24 Years Ago: SAVIOR record Bleeding at the Heart (Portland Death Metal) (1994 Interview, Part One)

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24 Years Ago: SAVIOR record Bleeding at the Heart (Portland Death Metal) (1994 Interview, Part One)

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before SAVIOR's material is compiled onto a Collection CD. They deserve to be rediscovered.

SAVIOR had a history with punk and members of SAVIOR also played in DICKFINGER. Through the five or six demos their sound mutated from D.R.I. speed/hardcore (including DISCHARGE and S.O.D. covers) to thrash, to more technical thrash/death metal on later demos like The Face of Adversity (great HOLY MOSES style heavy thrashing riffs on the title track, and another DISCHARGE cover).

By the 1991-92 demos they were writing full force death metal without losing their original speed and aggression from thrash and hardcore.

Bleeding at the Heart was their last demo and makes up about half of their only full-length release, Exploitation (Fan Records, cassette, 1994). The demo was recorded at First Take Studio, Portland, Oregon on this day in 1993. Engineered by Doug Pershing and mixed on 10 September 1993.

1994 SAVIOR interview. Part One below, Part Two tomorrow.

Interview from Descent zine #1 1994 (by Stephen O'Malley - ideologic.org)

Do not be fooled by the name...Savior are not a christian band...but rather a good punk/death hybrid. This band has been around since 1986 (!!!) having released six demos and appeared on a comp. CD. A four-piece that manages to put on a great show live as well.....they are currently searching for an album deal so if you are into old-school (real: early to mid 80's) punk rock check them out.....I spoke with Jeff (vox, guitar) so read on......

Hello again, Jeff. How are you today?

Just fine, though I've been pretty busy as of late. Things are rolling along real well for our "Bleeding at the Heart" release. I'd like to say that it is now available through Relapse, Moribund and Rainforest Records for those interested in where to get it.

Savior has been around for quite a while. Could you give us all a look into the history of the band?

Actually, Savior took form in 1986. We've been through several line-up changes over the years. Our first demo was recorded in 1987. Since then, we've recorded six demos. We've always played fast and brutal. It's funny looking back at a time where we wrote songs about Satan. It's pretty retro nowadays, I suppose. We've since moved on and now channel our energy into exploiting political and social situations. We've been lucky enough to play gigs with bands like Poison Idea, Accused, No FX, Sadus, Cryptic Slaughter, Wehrmacht and Phobia, to name a few. Currently, we are looking for a label that will support a tour.

How does it feel to be on a G.G. Allen tribute albums? What do you think of his death last year?

The G.G. Allen tribute was cool to be involved with. All the bands were punk except for Savior. That release also has a very cool interview with G.G. from prison. I'm glad he's dead. He was cool to a point, but I don't listen to his music anymore. Who needs him? His show in Portland was truly the sickest performance I've ever witnessed. He's too much of a queen for me.

Savior's music has a bit of hardcore overtones. Are you a fan of that style? Have you played in any HC bands?

Very much so. I grew up in the Portland scene, going to Poison Idea, Accused shows. Portland used to have hardcore/punk gigs every weekend. Bands like Broken Bones, D.R.I., Crass and Conflict will always ring true to my ears. The only hardcore band I've played in is Dickfinder, which still exists. Recently, I've been playing in a punk band called Hetero's, which also consists of the Savior drummer, Dustin Duvall. I've always liked both death metal and hardcore, so naturally the influence from both styles is apparent in Savior's song writing.

Also, Savior's lyrics are not the typical death-fare. Tell us a bit about what inspires you to write such socially-conscious lyrics.

The inspiration comes from all that surrounds us. The things we have to say will make people think. The lyrics might even be about them. Our lyrical content will appeal to the honest and the hard working. We attack politics, the welfare system, media, conformist's, child abusers, rapists and other criminals. We are not sympathetic, nor do we worry about being insensitive. We have definite and stern opinions.