25 Years Ago: ABIGOR release Verwustung - Invoke the Dark Age

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25 Years Ago: ABIGOR release Verwustung - Invoke the Dark Age

ABIGOR released their debut album on this day in 1994.

After "Moonrise" Tharen had been replaced through Silenius who's also involved in Summoning. The reason for the removal of Tharen was the lack of dedication and passivity from his side, so this was the only suitable solution for Abigor. After "Moonrise" we've signed a deal at Napalm rec. for two CD's. In June '94 we've recorded "Verwustung/Invoke The Dark Age". After some problems, 'cause of press-ban in Austria and Swiss, it was released in Autumn '94.

As we've released our first demo, the stuff for the second one was already finished, and that has happened from demo to demo. It was not 'cause no label had shown interest, we were just creative, and Napalm have shown interest after "Lux Devicta Est", but we've still released 2 other demos after that. We wanted to realize ourselves through our art, therefore we've release 4 demos, furthermore have the demos the best shown our progress of development, 'til we've found our musical way.

P.K. / Abigor interview, Ichor #2, 1997

For the ABIGOR debut, “Verwüstung / Invoke the Dark Age” (1994), we handcrafted the fold-out booklet complete with rub-letter text and pasted images. We did the same with our demo covers, handmade and printed at a copy-shop. At least the layout guy managed to persuade me to re-type the text with computer font, because at first I insisted that he just scan the handmade booklet, to be printed exactly the way it was.

T.T. / Abigor interview, Bardo Methodology #2, 2017