25 Years Ago: ACHERON release Rites of the Black Mass

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25 Years Ago: ACHERON release Rites of the Black Mass

ACHERON released their debut album - Rites of the Black Mass - on this day in 1992 through Turbo Music. It was released by JL America in the US later that year.

Cast thy shadow over the earth on this blackened night...

Preceding each ACHERON song is a short keyboard introduction by Peter H. Gilmore - now High Priest of the Church of Satan, then publisher of The Black Flame magazine and spokesman for the Church. This collaboration continued on ACHERON albums throughout the 1990s.

We both had the same ideas about doing a Satanic Black Mass as an album, so we just started working together. The Church does approve of us, and I am a member.
- Vincent Crowley / Acheron interview, Exhume #4, 1993

Here is Poland's Holocaust zine reacting to the new material which would be re-recorded for Rites of the Black Mass:

The band is actually working on an album lenght demo called - "The Rites Of The Black Mass" which they hope to release on record in the near future. The tape we got here is "Future Releases '90" with two songs on it - "To Thee We Confess" and "Ave Sathanas". The music of ACHERON is brutal, rather not very fast Death Metal. We can find there some old BLACK SABBATH and CELTIC FROST influences with a little MORBID ANGEL touch, let's say... These dudes are a bit like NOCTURNUS, but they don't ripp them off!! Their merchandises are unknown unfortunately, but you can write and ask!! The address is somewhere here on a flyer.
- Holocaust zine #5, 1990