25 Years Ago: ANUBI record Mirties metafora

Daily Noise - / 2020

25 Years Ago: ANUBI record Mirties metafora

Lithuanian experimental black / folk metal. ANUBI recorded their third demo, Mirties metafora, on this day in 1995.

We always leave room for improvisation in the studio. It does not take long, if fundament is shaped in rehearsal cellar. To record vital pulsating music it is necessary to improvise. Performance only does not reflect even half of what you create in rehearsals. In rehearsals you also improvise, search various ways, mediums. I do not know a formula I could offer. In each case it is very individual. One is clear: art must be created, and not performed, copied. No concerts!

Lord Ominous / Anubi interview, Ledo Takas #6, 1998

In 1997 ANUBI released their only album, Kai pilnaties akis užmerks mirtis. The band split in 2002 following the death of founding member Lord Ominous.