25 Years Ago: BAL-SAGOTH release A Black Moon Broods over Lemuria

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25 Years Ago: BAL-SAGOTH release A Black Moon Broods over Lemuria

We were only afforded two weeks in the studio to record and mix the album, which is not a very long time at all, so it was essential that all the material was finalized and 100% ready before we entered the studio. We are not one of these bands who writes most of their album in the studio, we are always prepared and ready to utilize absolutely all the time we have to record the songs and make them as good as we possibly can, an approach which we retained during the recent recording of our second album at the Academy, 'Starfire Burning Upon the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima Thule'. Of course, there are always things which you would have liked to have added had more time been available, minor touches and embellishments, etc., but on the whole, the album came out more or less precisely as we had envisioned it, and we remain most pleased with our first opus.

Byron Roberts / Bal-Sagoth interview, Imhotep #3, 1996

BAL-SAGOTH released their debut album on this day in 1995 through Cacophonous Records.

That record became sort of a cultsuccess in the underground, because we didn't sell that much like Cradle Of Filth, but still the people thought it was a good record. I'm still very satisfied with this record, because it's a very brutal record who served as our first chapter in our band-saga. It perfectly shows the very beginning of the band, and it showed how we grew. Our new CD is doing even better, because they knew Bal-Sagoth now and they know our reputation. Also, when the first CD was released, Cacaphonous was still a beginning label that wasn't working very effecientally and they couldn't make a lot of promotion, but the last year and a half, that changed gradually.

Byron Roberts / Bal-Sagoth interview, Mindview Magazine #35, 1996