25 Years Ago: DEATH release Symbolic

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25 Years Ago: DEATH release Symbolic

The end of August brought DEATH together to record their hottest release to date due out on the streets in March. It is simply entitled Symbolic...
With the many changes the band went through the first part of this year: a new record lable, a new producer and a new line-up, it was time to bring these new and innovative elements together to create what will be DEATH'S strongest release to date.

The Metal Crusade newsletter, January 1995

DEATH released their sixth album, Symbolic, on this day in 1995.

Individual... has a lot of depth to it, a lot of weird twists and turns. Symbolic isn't far off in that respect, although it concentrates on grooves more. The rhythms don't all fly past you at breakneck speed, definitely. Another thing, the production is far superior. A little more solid, more rounded... more clear, more audible and in your face. I use the same amp, but our new producer Jim Morris really helped bring out my guitar sound for what it is, what you hear is what's coming out of my amp. I wanted to achieve a guitar sound that is more "real". Not as distorted, but still heavy.

Chuck Schuldiner / Death interview, Hellfrost, 1995

Gear used on Symbolic:

Chuck Schuldiner (guitar): B.C. Rich Stealth and B.C. Rich Ignitor. Marshall Valve State amp, Marshall cabinets, GHS Strings.

Gene Hoglan (drums): Pearl Master's Custom, Zildjian Cymbals, the Propeller, a 1953 M-14 Cannon Shell "that Evil Steve's Dad brought back from 'Nam."

Bobby Koelble (guitar): Washburn Magma. 50 watt Marshall JCM 800 head, Ibanez distortion box. Dean Markley strings.

Kelly Conlon (bass): Krammer Forum II, active EMG pick-ups. Mesa Boogie 400+ Stereo head. Ampeg 8-10's cabinet. BBE Sonic Maximizer compression, EQ. DR handmade strings.

Every song had something different, I believe. For sheer shock value, the title track is pretty out there... hauling doubles and my hands are everywhere. "Empty Words" is a pretty wild drum song. "Without Judgement" has a couple of pretty nifty hand parts. I use two rides all over the place, and I don't think that has been done to this extent before. I guess, on Symbolic , my hands are jazz, but my feet are metal.

Gene Hoglan / Death Interview, The Metal Crusade newsletter, January 1995