25 Years Ago: DISSECTION release Storm of the Light's Bane 25 Years Ago: DISSECTION release Storm of the Light's Bane

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25 Years Ago: DISSECTION release Storm of the Light's Bane

I believe that we have found our own style of Death Metal but we will certainly continue to progress. The second album will be more varied, but yet more brutal!
We will also try to get DISSECTION to a point where we can't get more melancholic, dark, evil, atmospheric and brutal. I mean, the metal of Death is limitless if you conspire with evil! THERE ARE NO LIMITS!

Jon Nödtveidt / Dissection interview, Slayer #10, 1994

DISSECTION released their classic second album, Storm of the Light's Bane, on this day in 1995 through Nuclear Blast.

Over the years I think we have developed the sound of the band, but we feel that we went further on with the sound/direction on this release with both the songwriting and music. It is still the same band, but with each record we want to go somewhere with our music where we haven't been and not try to do the same thing. We don't want to repeat ourselves too much, and that is why we will always try to progress with each album or new material.

Everything we do is connected through death in one way or another. This is not an album where all the songs follow a story. On this record, all the songs and music are different but still have that death theme within them to tie them in some form or another.

Jon Nödtveidt / Dissection interview, Chronicles of Chaos, 1995

When we compose our music we unlock the gates to our perpetual uncontrolled feelings. It is not only music, but also emotions, aggression, hate, despair, sorrow, evil..... Things that normal people would call extreme, but we find beautiful! If we can affect other peoples emotions, then it's great. We want especially depressed beings to listen to our music, and influence them to step over the border.... life/death.... Basically we're glad as long as people enjoy what we do and find our music interesting.

Jon Nödtveidt / Dissection interview, Slayer #10, 1994