25 Years Ago: GORGOROTH release Pentagram

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25 Years Ago: GORGOROTH release Pentagram

"Pentagram" contain 8 hatefull track's, very brutal, thou also melodic. This is pure, true Black Metal as it was ment to be. There is 6 new track's + the two from the demo A Sorcery....thou a bit different. I don't think its any big difference between our new and old stuff. Its black art.

Hat / Gorgoroth interview, Autumn 1994

GORGOROTH's debut album Pentagram was released by Embassy Productions (the label of Tragic Empire distribution, run by Phil Galliano) on this day in 1994.

We have writeen loads of new material for an l.p release in 94, on the French Embassy Label some new titles; Emperors of Nothern Darkness, Regaining a lost Kingdom (Crushing the Sceptre), Maaneskyggens Slave, Katharinas Bortgang.

Goat Pervertor / Gorgoroth interview, The Oath #2, 1994

BATHORY was THE true black metal band of all time. I know that we are nothing new and orignial, but that's the way we want it. So many bands sound 'original', so we just want to keep the old black spirit alive, which was created by old gods.

Our influences come from the ancient gods of black metal, BATHORY, HELLHAMMER, VENOM, etc.. As for the lyrics; they are created by our sick minds, the influences for them come from evil woods, wanderin' round in the dark and the freezing forests of Norway.

Goat Pervertor / Gorgoroth interview, Tales of the Macabre #1, 1993