25 Years Ago: KATAKLYSM release Sorcery

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25 Years Ago: KATAKLYSM release Sorcery

The debut album is entitled "Sorcery" and features nine Canadian Underground Northern Hyperblast song. It contains 2 trilogies narating 2 concepts and three individual tracks. The title track will start off the album and will begin with a chant "The Time Has Come" exactly the way "Mystical Gate Of Reincarnation" ended.

Maurizio Iacono / Kataklysm interview, Chainletter #16, 1994

KATAKLYSM released their debut LP, Sorcery, on this day in 1995 through Nuclear Blast.

What happened was, uh... we were just looking for a studio and a producer for the first album and we didn't have like a big budget so we couldn't shop around or go to Morrisound or whatever to record y'know. It was too far and too expensive for us, y'know like Colin Richardson we knew we couldn't afford. So we said, we'll look around and this producer came to see us, and it was very interesting, he found out that we were doing and album and this guy came to us, which was Glen Robinson, He did Voivod, Gwar, alot of like big bands and shit. And it was real interesting to have him doing this, as he had never worked this style before. I don't know why he chose us, maybe he wanted to get his name on the charts or something. So we were like, yeah why not, the guy was offering us this huge studio where alot of these famous people recorded. Like Rush, fuckin Cory Hart, Brian Adams, fuckin Tina Turner, I'm like what the fuck?! Why do I want to record there? But the guy pulled it off, he got the studio for us, we had a week to record it cuz it was so expensive. Y'know it was real fucked up over there, we felt like a fish out of a pong or something y'know?

The owner came in to check it out, and he was like fuck! Y'know, like the label gave money for this?! We were too aggressive, and we saw all these Gold discs from other people who had recorded there on the walls, and I'm like fuck! Y'know there was like cable TV with satellite, you got a house for yourselves, a two story house a maid and everything. I'm like fuck this! I'm from the underground, no one's gonna know I'm fuckin recording in here! But, y'know the reason we really took it, was that we wanted to record it live. All sorts of is were recorded live, like we all recorded it together, except for the vocals, which we recorded afterwards. I also didn't want to record stage by stage, y'know like fuckin bass, the drums, then guitars. I hate that, I don't feel it's natural. I like it when it's natural, when it just comes out fuckin good.

The whole thing was recorded live! You can see the sound is good, cuz we are in a good studio. Y'know I would have liked the guitars a bit thicker, than what they were but, we know what we want for the next album, and it's gonna rip cuz we know exactly what we want... the sound came out pretty good for an album that was taped live. That's the way we wanted it, and that's about it. It was a good studio and it was a good experience for us, and for the producer, as more people will want to record there.

Maurizio Iacono / Kataklysm interview, Subversive Agenda #3, 1995