25 Years Ago: MASTER'S HAMMER record Jilemnicky okultista 25 Years Ago: MASTER'S HAMMER record Jilemnicky okultista

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25 Years Ago: MASTER'S HAMMER record Jilemnicky okultista

It'll be 9-10 songs which we are recording now, the whole September till half of October. I believe the lp/cd will be out this year.

Franta Štorm / Master's Hammer interview, Hammer of Damnation #4, 1993

During this month in 1992 MASTER'S HAMMER were recording their second album, Jilemnický okultista (The Jilemnice Occultist), at Ivories Studio, Prague.

Meantime we builded our own studio for fully digital production of MASTER'S HAMMER album. We choose this way, because we started to hate all producers, sound-engineers are Czeck label-directors who only tries to suck money from our work, heading only to export, and don't care about the real management and support for the bands here. Also it's the best for us, if we can record, mix and make a sound changes what time we need, and how we wish.

Official band biography circa 1993

Recording was completed by the end of November. The record was released first by the band themselves in December 1992, then more widely in 1993 by Osmose (Europe) and JL America.

According to Franta in the interview below the initial response was not strong, but its reputation has only grown over the years and has remained in print to this day.

You know, we sold 25.000 copies of 'The Ritual' which is amazing, because we did not have a very good distribution outside of Czech republic, where 'The Ritual' was distributed by the one and only label Monitor Records. Osmose did sell only 3000 copies in whole Europe of 'The Filemnice Occultist' and we did sell only 300(!!!) in the whole Czech republic. It's kinda weird because we did a demo entitled 'Filemnice Occultista', which contained a part of 'The Filemnice Occultist' album in a different version and it sold about 2500 copies!!! But nobody wants to have the Cd. The main reason are that we did not play live for a long time, because MASTER'S HAMMER is now only me and Hrastar (keyboards, programming).

Franta Štorm / Master's Hammer interview, Witchcraft #3, 1994