25 Years Ago: MOLESTED release Blod-draum

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25 Years Ago: MOLESTED release Blod-draum

Molested was for me my debut when it comes to playing in a band. We started out as kids - I mean, really as kids. I was like 14, 15 years old. We couldn't play our instruments. We only had these, I guess, hormones in that age, teenagers, and we just had the urgent need to do music. I got my guitar from my parents and the drummer got some drums from his parents and we just started to jam in my parents' garage. And, you know, we were that serious about it. We really had some years with the band. I mean, we literally... I couldn't play guitar, seriously, and the drummer couldn't play drums. We sat down and basically did what we did during the three or four years we were rehearsing. I'm still proud of the stuff we did back then. It had something very unique about it. It's very passionate, in a way, and I kind of planned my own youth, in a way, and it kind of gives me a lot of nice associations, but I remember closing in to being 19, 20, or something, some guys had education responsibilities, one of the guys had to go into military service, you know, those kinds of things that happen at that age.

Øystein Brun / Borknagar interview, Metal Storm, 2019

MOLESTED released their only album, Blod-draum, on this day in 1995 through Effigy Records.

MOLESTED formed as PURGATION in 1991 with Øystein Brun (BORKNAGAR, CRONIAN) on vocals and guitar and Erlend Erichsen (GORGOROTH) on drums.

In February 1997 MOLESTED put out the Stormvold mini-album, their last release. Stormvold was recorded in March 1995; in October that year BORKNAGAR began recording the self-titled debut album at Grieghallen.

I began a Death Metal band called Molested and that was really cool times. It was kind of being an apprentice, learning to play guitar, and we rehearsed and all that for four years, I think every second day. Really intense period. But at that point when it came to it, we ended the whole band because of natural circumstances - military service, astute study, all that stuff. I was heading to a place where I had to make something unique, something out of the box, something... Quite simply my own musical universe. I've always been very fascinated with bands that have done that. For me Pink Floyd is such a band. I mean, there is nothing like them in this world - even the songwriting, the guitar tone, the covers, the whole set up, it's completely unique.

Øystein Brun / Borknagar interview, Cryptic Rock, 2019