25 Years Ago: MORBID ANGEL release Domination

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25 Years Ago: MORBID ANGEL release Domination

The next album is going to be much heavier. As soon as this tour closes, we go home to write some new songs. I can assure you that the sound is going to be as fast and heavy as before. I realize that "Covenant" goes almost as far with speed as you can go, so now we want to produce a really heavy stuff. We are a great band, I know that as musicians we are geniuses [Mr. Azagthoth, chill out a bit! - Editor]. We have great ideas, so we definitely won't put out anything weak. The new material is going to destroy everyone around.

Trey Azagthoth / Morbid Angel interview, Hard Stuff #1, 1994

MORBID ANGEL released their fifth - or fourth, depending on whether you're counting Abominations of Desolation - album on this day in 1995.

It's been doing real well. We're actually real pleased with the response it's gotten. We spent a lot more time on this record than we had on any previous record, and really just trying to hone in on something to get something happening, you know? I'm just really happy that people received it as well as they have, because you know that's the icing on the cake when you're really pleased with something, and then when other people tell you they're pleased with it too. That just makes all the difference.

David Vincent / Morbid Angel interview, Chronicles of Chaos, 1996