25 Years Ago: MORGION release Among Majestic Ruin 25 Years Ago: MORGION release Among Majestic Ruin

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25 Years Ago: MORGION release Among Majestic Ruin

The Among . . . CD is material written in the time span of 1992-1994. We went through a complete change of members in the second guitar spot and added keyboards in late 1993. The line-up on the CD survived for maybe a year or so.

It was recorded at Jim Barnes Audio productions in Santa Ana, California. We are recording our next offering with Bill Metoyer who is by far in our opinion a better engineer than Barnes. We have never been happy with the Among . . . recording.

It is released in America and the UK as a domestic. Anywhere else it's an import. As far as we've been told it's sold over 6,000 copies. Precise numbers are not known to us. We are happy that it is received well. We might be doing something right, for once.

Rhett Davis / Morgion interview, Eternal Frost #2

US doom, MORGION released their debut album Among Majestic Ruin on this day in 1997 through Relapse.

"Amongst.." was never intended to be a CD. It was never intended to be released. We just made the songs and recorded them. And we wanted to use this recording to get a record deal. When Relapse heard it they liked it so much the wanted to put it out on CD.
So that's pretty much how that happened.
"Amongst..." is an early stage of "Solinari". "Solinari is us doing a doom metal album, when "Amongst..." was us attempting to do a doom metal album.

Rhett Davis / Morgion interview, Scream #48

...that is not our guitar sound, it never was our guitar sound. Well, not to be negative, I think its a good recording, it sounds good, the graphics on the CD are good, the over all feel of the album is good. They're pretty old songs, like one of the songs we wrote in '92. Over all it's a nice thing to own, nice thing to see and appreciate. All I have yto say is if this is the only MORGION material you've heard, our newer material will blow it away. Not saying this shit sucks, it's just that tht wasn't our guitar sound, this isn't our sound. Anybody who knows us and has seen us they would say the same thing.

Rhett Davis / Morgion interview