25 Years Ago: MORTA SKULD release For All Eternity

Daily Noise - / 2020

25 Years Ago: MORTA SKULD release For All Eternity

That album was the last of 3 for the Peaceville label, we spent a lot of time on it and the music was over thought I feel. We wrote more as a band unlike the second album which I didn't have much to do with writing music. And the problem with that album was it wasn't worked enough by the person in charge of working it, the first two albums did well, the third one not much...

Morta Skuld interview, Nihilitic Webzine, 2014

MORTA SKULD released their third album, For All Eternity, on this day in 1995 through Deaf / Peaceville.

The band did not re-sign with Peaceville, their fourth album, Surface, was released by Pavement in 1997. In 1998 they split, but reformed in 2014 and have since resigned with Peaceville. Their latest album, Suffer for Nothing, was released in September 2020!

...at that time DM was huge in Europe and pretty much overseas, in the states not so much, and we had been tape trading a lot and gained their [Deaf Records] attention and next thing I know im talking to the label at 4 am about a 3 albums deal. We did sign to Grindcore at first but then something happened and the contracts we signed never saw daylight. And no doubt things would be different for us today as the early stuff was more UK sounding and then we started sounding more like a American band then at first.

Dave Gregor / Morta Skuld interview, Tough Riffs, 2015