25 Years Ago: NECROPHOBIC release Darkside

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25 Years Ago: NECROPHOBIC release Darkside

We are a band with roots for Death Metal since the very early days. We have a passion for this music, we don't care what the trend is for the moment, we still do what comes from our hearts, so to speak. As we wanted to do an even more extreme album than our first one, we then did the new songs darker, faster, more evil and more raw. We wanted to get the old Death Metal feeling back. You know, filthy, blasphemous and without compromises. We still write with the typical Necrophobic touch, the music is the same, yet developed to the more extreme. Just because we are faster and darker and more evil than on our last album, it doesn't mean that we are Black Metal. If we are Black Metal now, we already were Black Metal in 1991 !!! One thing that has changed a little bit though is the songstructures. We don't play as many riffs in the songs, well, we didn't have so many in the old songs either, but on the new album, there's even lesser riffs and we buik the songs more easy this time. You know, we "skipped" the unncessary riffs, so to speak. This time, it's more like right in your face, nothing fool around. Perhaps that didn't make sense.

Joakim Sterner / Necrophobic interview, Tales of the Macabre #5, 1998

NECROPHOBIC released their second album, Darkside, on this day in 1997 through Black Mark.

As a teenager, I always loved how the sleeves of IRON MAIDEN often had references to their older work. And that’s what I wanted with NECROPHOBIC as well. “Dawn Of The Damned” is the third part of the whole concept we started with “Darkside”. We sat together extensively with the artist – Kristian ‘Necrolord’ Wåhlin – to show what we had in mind for “Dawn Of The Damned”. I’m not sure if we will continue with this on the next record. But to be honest, I think the concept we envisioned in 1997 has now been completed. Because a fourth part is perhaps a bit too much.

Sebastian Ramstedt / Necrophobic interview, Voices from the Darkside, 2020

"Nailing the Holy One" features vocals by Jon Nödtveidt (DISSECTION).

It was a while ago but as I remember it Jon came down to the studio for a few hours, we had a few beers, he sang and then we went to my place for a small party. At that time I used to speak to Jon every now and then but we lost contact when he went to jail. Maybe it's true that we use some similair harmonics that Dissection use but I can assure you that they never had any impact on our sound or riffs. We all like Dissection though, it's a great band.

Tobias Sidegard / Necrophobic interview, Masterful Magazine, 2004