25 Years Ago: PARADISE LOST release The Last Time

Daily Noise - / 2020

25 Years Ago: PARADISE LOST release The Last Time

We play the music that we want to hear or listen to. We are not in it to please anyone or appeal to a certain market. We play music we appreciate and hopefully right-minded people will like it and grow with us. If you start to play music to appeal to other people then you basically are selling out on yourself right? You gotta keep it up and keep it fresh. We have been very lucky that we have had more people pick up on what we have been doing than losing it.

Nick Holmes / Paradise Lost interview, Chronicles of Chaos, 1996

PARADISE LOST released "The Last Time" single on this day in 1995; the first taken from their fifth album Draconian Times which was released just over a month later.

The poster for this single includes the same Charles Manson quote - "I don't understand sorry" - used at the beginning of "Forever Failure".