25 Years Ago: PRIMORDIAL record Dark Romanticism... Sorrow's Bitter Harvest... 25 Years Ago: PRIMORDIAL record Dark Romanticism... Sorrow's Bitter Harvest...

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25 Years Ago: PRIMORDIAL record Dark Romanticism... Sorrow's Bitter Harvest...

We recorded our first and only demo "Dark Romanticism", recorded for about £50 in the lads home town of Skerries in a converted front room studio on eight tracks. Considering the equipment and the time and our experience we were quite shocked at how well it came out. "Dark Romanticism" went on to sell over 1 100 copies and is still heralded by many as a classic second wave Black Metal demo.
- A.A. Nemtheanga, Official biography 87-07

PRIMORDIAL began recording Dark Romanticism... Sorrow's Bitter Harvest... - "in the depths of the abyss (Skerries)" - on this day in 1993.

PRIMORDIAL's only official demo was well received. Offers arrived from Deaf (Peaceville), Unisound (Greece), Hellspawn (Sweden) and others.
Eventually a deal was made with Cacophonous, though not directly as a result of this demo: "A young Dani Filth had been pestering their fledgling label Cacophonous to sign us, yet they wanted to hear more songs. The answer came in the form of the live tape we recorded that night we played with DECOMPOSED, KORPSE and THE FIFTH DOMINION (now ARCANE SUN), containing five new tracks that was the tape that got us the deal with Cacophonous Records." The Cacophonous album was Imrama - recorded in 1994, remixed in May 1995, and released that September.

Well life is open for a lot of self indulgence I reckon, so seeing as it's my fanzine I've decided to tell you a little about my own band PRIMORDIAL, the history is long and boring, but needless to say we used to be called Forsaken, at the end of of Summer 92' after a lot of soul-searching trying to come up with things we were 100% happy with we had a rehearsal track on the Nursery Rhymes tape, which seemed to be accepted by all as original, doomy & epic....anyway to cut a long story short at present we are preparing our demo "Dark Romanticism (Sorry's Bitter Harvest)" to be recorded definitely come the end of June, We prefer no title, it's just dark, mystical, evil music with lots of emotion and atmosphere, with many vocal changes, and dark, occultic, blasphemous sometimes sad and mournful lyrics, if people wish to call us Black Metal I have no problem with that, as by my definition of Black Metal we could very well be that, but by some perhaps we are not, so we avoid such pettiness and stupidity by being nothing, our music is just whatever we want to play, but will always be dark and morbid, our demo will roughly be 25 minutes of the ultimate in Armageddish Enchantment (top class sound & musicianship), it will be $5 everywhere I reckon and 2.50 in Ireland and UK so write to me for interviews or orders... watch the skies.....
- A.A. Nemtheanga, The Oath fanzine #1, 1993