25 Years Ago: PUNGENT STENCH release Club Mondo Bizarre 25 Years Ago: PUNGENT STENCH release Club Mondo Bizarre

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25 Years Ago: PUNGENT STENCH release Club Mondo Bizarre

...on March 14th our new full cd/lp "Club Mondo Bizarre-For Members Only" will be released on NBR. 10 songs sick as ever. April-June we'll tour Europe with BRUTAL TRUTH+MACABRE and we will play in Finland 1 or 2 shows. One in Helsinki on May 3rd and probably one more show on May 4th.

Pungent Stench interview, Pure Fucking Hell #2, 1994

According to most listings the release date was pushed forward a week. PUNGENT STENCH released Club Mondo Bizarre: For Members Only on this day in 1994.

...the album that we've recorded now has really got the most brutal sound we've ever had. It's really the best sound we've ever gotten. We've spent a lot of time ont it. This stuff is really really heavy, it's not that fast but it's ...it's more heavy than the older stuff. I know that sound stupid, because every band say's that. The new album is probably a bit slower, but it's heavier than the older shit. The new album is really really heavy! Sometime's we use our old fashioned roots ...our thrash root. I think when they listen to it the first time maybe some people will be, like, a little bit disappointed. The song's, the new songs. It's just ...it's like an experience when we play the new songs. In the olden day's, the fast songs, people were just staring at us, because thre were to many rhythm changes. The new song's are really really good and we've never had that before. Our new songs, people said it was really shit, then after the album was out it was their favourite song. These songs are really good live songs.
I actually think this album is for, maybe a bigger crowd. This album is for guy's who like CANLEMASS, this album is for guy's who like PRONG and all the New York bands, this is for guy's who like Death Metal, but are not to closed minded, that just want to know about just fast stuff. This album is for everyone who like's hard music ...it's a Hard Rock/Core (Gore?) album.

Martin Schirenc / Pungent Stench interview, Subcide #1, 1994

Their extensive European tour with MACABRE and BRUTAL TRUTH began on 22 April with a new show almost every day until 28 June!