25 Years Ago: SENTENCED release Amok 25 Years Ago: SENTENCED release Amok

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25 Years Ago: SENTENCED release Amok

Yes, you either like it or definitely not like it. Amok is a release that forces you to a definite opinion, and usually they are from both extremes! To me the negative reaction is just as flattering as the positive.

Taneli Jarva / Sentenced interview, Word of Mouth #3, 1995

SENTENCED released their third album, Amok, on this day in 1995.

I would say that with the 'Amok' album we had already found our style. It was the first one from us that featured our kind of melodic metal music, with lots of catchy melodies. Ever since we have been reborn, it is not the same style as before. We have been taking little steps here and there with each album, and I think we always will. However, the basis of Sentenced's style was already found in 1995.

Sami Lopakka / Sentenced interview, Ill Literature