25 Years Ago: SUMMONING release Lugburz 25 Years Ago: SUMMONING release Lugburz

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25 Years Ago: SUMMONING release Lugburz

SUMMONING released their debut album Lugburz on this day in 1995.

This album contains most of the demo-songs, but highly rearranged. Most of the basic riffs have been composed on bass-guitar, while Protector added the other melody-lines on guitar. On this album keyboards have been used, just as accompaniment, and not as the main instrument, like on the following releases. An interesting fact is, that the basic riff of "Where winters forever cry" was composed by Trifixion. This song was one of the highlights of this CD. But all in all Trifixions drum playing was not satifying and his more and more outcoming ego-trips forced the band to kick him out, so that Summoning was free to develop his very own style. Nevertheless Trifixion did a lot of vocals on this album, so it was the only album where the band had three singers. In contrary to the follow up releases, this album was not produced at "Hörnix Studio", but in the bands session room by a guy whose name doesn't play any role, but later was remixed at "Hörnix Studio".
Most of the lyrics have been done by Pazuzu; he also did the spoken vocals on "Dragons of Time" and "Through the Valley of the frozen Kingdom". Most of them have been lost a long time ago.

Album description, official Summoning website

The cover design is by British artist Mark Harrison and was first used as the jacket design for Roger G Taylor's 1989 novel The Fall of Fyorlund.